*NEW* Cartoon Butter Cookies (NOT SKILLSFUTURE)

Baking Classes by BakeFresh

Learn to create these cuties that suits all occasions.

Fully hands-on class and you’ll get to work on the cookies from making the dough to decorating it all on your own (individual hands-on)!

23 Jun Sun 9.30am to 1.30pm FULL
21 Jul Sun 3pm to 6.30pm/7pm
4 Aug Sun 9.30am to 1.30pm

*Please note this is class is NOT CLAIMABLE from your skillsfuture credit. If you wish to use your credit, we have another class package which is 2 day Novelty Dessert Table Cakes.

What you'll learn
Individual work
-Preparation of dough and creation of variety flavours
-Shaping of dough into different characters
-New technique of feature drawing WITHOUT the use of edible marker, royal icing, chocolate or food colouring.
-How to bake cookies to prevent browning
- You can choose to do either one of these sets during class:
Set A: Anpanman & Curry Panman
Set B: Donald Duck & Daisy
Set C: Eeyore & Tigger
Set D: Pooh Bear & Piglet

When : Register
Fees : $155 per pax/ $150 per pax when you sign up as 2 pax or more.
Bring home : About 20 pcs of cookies
Instructor : Penny Pang

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hear what our Students have to say

Patient and humourous teachers...

Ingredients prepared and no washing needed...

Conducive and well equipped kitchen...

Soft and yummy bread...

Thumbs up for bakefresh lesson... Will look forward to having more lessons here.

Connie Ow