3D Jelly Mid-Autumn Design (Intermediate)

In this new Intermediate class, you will be taught on complex flowers injection skills , how to create the metallic frame and incorporate words in the jelly.

You’ll definitely get useful tips and close guidance from our experienced 3D Jelly Trainer Cass on how to make a beautiful jelly cake in Mid-Autumn design.

*Basic skill level is required. If you do not have the basics, you can sign up our Basic level course at 3D Art Floral Jelly Cake (BASIC) on 08/13/2022 @ 9:00am

Date: 26 Aug Fri 9am to 2pm

*Basic knowledge includes knowing how to prepare clear canvas, milk jelly for the flower and base is required. Recipe is given in this class but there will be no demo.

What you'll learn
- Master the art of injecting complex flowers in a defined frame design.
- You will be taught how to create flowers like Sakura, Dianthus, English Peony, Leaves and Baby's breath.
- Level up your basic techniques on how to control the tools (hand positioning, movement to create realistic looking English Peony and other flowers
- How to create the metallic background frame in the jelly
- How to place in word "中秋"
- Sharing on tips to prevent color bleeding/run.

Sorry, this class is currently unavailable. please click here to register your interest or refer to our Calendar for the current class schedules
Fees : $248 per pax/ $243 per pax when you sign up 2 seats or more
*For existing students who took up our Basic class, please WhatsApp 97101227 for registration in order to enjoy special rate
Bring home : 8" Jelly and a set of Dianthus flower tools & syringe .

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hear what our Students have to say

Had went for a few lessons at Bakefresh. Their cakes are soft and the cream is light.

The softness of the cake allows me to eat 2 slices at a go without difficulty.

The ladies who taught us are friendly and easy going too.

There are always laughter in the class and they always give a warm welcome.

Grace Han