Christmas Macarons

Having conducted countless classes, Instructor Jane understands that the needs of every student are different, and modifies her lessons to ensure that everyone learns as much as they can. This class will teach you the secrets to perfecting this dessert which is notoriously hard to master.

Date: 17 Dec Sun 9am – 1.30pm

*Class will be conducted in Mandarin. English recipe given.

What you'll learn
- how to prepare Swiss method of macarons
- how to whip a stable meringue mixture
- techniques of folding and mixing of colours
- Piping techniques to create the designs
- low sugar formula
- Teach you how to dry the macarons in a shortest time frame without failure
- explanation on how to bake successful macarons using different types of ovens.
- learn how to make fillings

When : Register
No.of pax. :
Available : 4
Fees : $205 per pax/ $200 per pax when you sign up 2 seats or more
Bring home : 8 pcs of macarons
Instructor : Instructor Jane

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hear what our Students have to say

I never knew I can bake till I stepped into the baking class. I truly enjoyed and I have a sense of achievement when I baked my first cake. of course wif the coaching of the teacher. Brenda was very helpful and make me feel at home, and together with her lovely assistance, she made my learning easier! For sure, I will be back soon to bake another cake for my best friend's birthday. one of a gift ideas to consider if you want the gift to be something meaningful.

Blessed Jade