Christmas Souffle Cake Rolls

Introducing two delicious Soufflé Swiss Rolls – Berries Cake Roll & Kabocha Squash Pumpkin Roll.

Berries Cake roll has a soft and rich cake texture which is made from raspberry puree and the filling is using fresh dairy cream and fresh strawberries. You will be taught the golden ratio to prepare a non-sweet and non-greasy fresh cream. It has a refreshing and non-greasy texture, which is really addictive!

Kabocha squash Pumpkin Roll has a golden cake color as pumpkin puree and chestnuts added to the cake to achieve such effect. The surface is decorated with chestnut pumpkin slices and a smooth pumpkin custard cream filling to retain the natural color of the pumpkin and its original sweet flavor.

Date: 26 Nov Sun 2.30pm – 7pm *FULL

*Class conducted in Mandarin. English recipe given.

What you'll learn
-Berries Souffle roll is hands-on program and Kabocha Squash Pumpkin roll is demo program.
- Working in pairs, you will prepare the Berries roll cake base.
- Techniques for rolling up swiss rolls.
- How to prepare chestnuts and pumpkin for Pumpkin roll cake
- How to prepare smooth pumpkin cream
- How to decorate the cakes

Sorry, this class is currently unavailable. please click here to register your interest or refer to our Calendar for the current class schedules
Fees : $240 per pax (Early Bird discount)
(Original $250)
Bring home : about 26cm long Berries Souffle Roll
Instructor : Chef Jeffery Pan

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hear what our Students have to say

I like the way they share their recipe and give participants alternative ingredient ideas. Lots of interactions with the instructor. Very practical where it is able to be done easily at home as setting are domestic based. Enjoyed the whole session.

Jas Tham