Class B
Mastering Kueh (Peng Kueh/Ku Chai Kueh/ Pumpkin Kueh)

Chef Anne Goh is a well-known Nyonya Pastry Instructor in Malaysia. Her bubbly personality and professionalism in teaching has earned her many students todate. She has more than 20 years of experience in making Chinese traditional kueh and pastry. Her experience also includes doing mass production of her buns and pastries to restaurants, colleges, canteens of government offices etc.

In this Nyonya Kueh class, you will learn how to make Peng Kueh, Ku Chai Kueh and Pumpkin Kueh.

5 Aug Sat 9.30am to 1.30pm
6 Aug Sun 3pm – 7pm

What you'll learn
- How to make soft Peng Kueh skin
- How to make Ku Chai and Pumpkin kueh skin
- Learn to cook delicious glutinous rice fillings
- How to make Ku Chai kueh fillings
- How to make Bang Kuang fillings
- Techniques to wrap the fillings
- Create pink and original peng kueh skin.
- Steaming method and things to take note.

Sorry, this class is currently unavailable. please click here to register your interest or refer to our Calendar for the current class schedules
No.of pax. :
Available : 1
Fees : $240 per pax
Bring home : A box of all Kueh ( about 12-15 pcs in total)
Instructor : Chef Anne Goh

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hear what our Students have to say

Patient and humourous teachers...

Ingredients prepared and no washing needed...

Conducive and well equipped kitchen...

Soft and yummy bread...

Thumbs up for bakefresh lesson... Will look forward to having more lessons here.

Connie Ow