Four Seasons Sweet Tarts

In the course, you will learn to make four creative & classic sweet tarts- Rich Chocolate Tart, Matcha Yuzu Basil Tart, Blueberry Almond Tart and Citrus Lemon Tart.

Whether you are new to desserts or have some baking experience, this class is suitable for you. Chef Nick will carefully guide you to master various techniques, from tart dough making, to creative fillings , as well as piping techniques that need to be mastered. You’ll learn how to create delicious sweet tarts that can be easily varied at home.

19 Jan 2024 Fri 2.30pm – 7.30pm *FULL
21 Jan 2024 Sun 2.30pm – 7.30pm *FULL

*Class conducted in mandarin. English recipe given.

What you'll learn
- How to make the tart dough
- Learn chocolate melting techniques to ensure a perfectly smooth tart crust and a silky smooth chocolate filling.
- Master the selection and use of matcha powder to ensure a rich matcha flavor.
- How to make fresh almond filling which is perfectly balanced with the sweet and sour fruits
- How to keep blueberries fresh for added color and flavor.
- How to master the extraction techniques of citrus jam to make the tart filling full of flavor
- How to make non sweet version of sour lemon meringue is also the finishing touch of the citrus lemon tart.

Sorry, this class is currently unavailable. please click here to register your interest or refer to our Calendar for the current class schedules
Fees : $260 per pax (early bird discount)
Original $270
Bring home : 4 tarts in 4 different flavours . Size is about 8cm.
Instructor : Chef Nick from Taiwan

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hear what our Students have to say

Many thanks to Brenda and her team for giving me a wonderfully fulfilling baking session today! I enjoyed every second of it and I had a lot of take - aways (not just the cookies =P) from a single session with them. Amazingly, the instructor was able to identify the potential struggle any budding baker may encounter in the learning process and thus she was very meticulous in checking on the progress of the participants. She was also very encouraging and I experienced many small steps of success as my confidence grew under her guidance and affirmation. I had a most satisfying learning experience and I look forward to be able to join more sessions with the team again soon! =)

Ivine Ng