French Bordeaux Canelés & Hokkaido Rum & Raisins Biscuits

The classic French dessert, known as the bell of the angel, has a thick, burnt and crispy skin on the outside, and a soft and porous inside. It is very delicious once you taste it.

Teaching four flavours at a time, many students have experienced Chef Nick’s Canelés and the feedback is positive!

Chef Nick teaches you to use simple steps and methods to make Canelés that is even more delicious than the store! He is using copper molds for teaching.
Hokkaido Rum Raisins biscuits – Raisins soaked in rum and sandwiched in this small biscuits which makes the flavour particularly good, especially after freezing it is even more delicious! It is a very delicious sandwich biscuits with a charming rum aroma.

12 Jan 2024 Fri 9am – 1pm
20 Jan 2024 Sat 9am – 1pm *FULL

* Class conducted in mandarin. English recipe given.

What you'll learn
- Canelés production details (original flavor, chocolate, matcha, earl grey)
- Effects of different ingredients on Canelés
- Baking temperature control
- how to create variety in Canelés Flavor
- Understand Canelés moulds and the output difference when using different types of moulds.
- how to do Rum & Raisins biscuits
- how to prepare the fillings
- Explanation of the storage method of finished products

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No.of pax. :
Available : 7
Fees : $260 per pax
Bring home : - 8 pcs Canelés ( 4 flavours- Vanilla, Chocolate, Green Tea & Earl Grey)
- 6 pcs Hokkaido Rum & Raisins biscuits
Instructor : Chef Nick from Taiwan

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hear what our Students have to say

Have fun at the Banamisu & Pandan Kaya Cake sessions with Brenda. The sessions are well paced and both Brenda & Penny have been very helpful. They are also generous in sharing baking tips basing on their experience and teaching you the right technique to whisk, mix etc. . Both cakes are very well received back home & office. Also, many thanks to Rose who clear up our messy bakeware & tools and also helping us to take the pretty class photos. :)

Jas Tare