French Sweet Artisanal Confectionary

Learn to make French sweets that have been popular for several years. This is an unbeatable classic French sweets series class which is perfect for giving gifts during the New Year.

Guimauves is the French term for marshmallow, but the French version differs significantly from the typical marshmallow. Unlike dense and overly sweet marshmallows, guimauves are light, airy, and incredibly delicious. These delightful guimauves are crafted in an artisanal manner.

You will also be learning Caramels Au Beurre Sale- combines a layer of sea salt toffee, a layer of fruit pine nuts and an innovative and unique nougat technique, giving the double flavor unlimited surprises.

Date: 5 May Sun 2.45pm – 7pm

*Class conducted in mandarin. English recipe given.

What you'll learn
- How to make Caramel Au Beurre Sale
- How to make French Meringues and add different flavours powders to create different tastes. Create your own style of pastel meringue.
- How to make Soft and Q marshmallows in different fruity and chocolate flavours.
- How to make a smooth and tender texture marshmallows that melts in your mouth.

When : Register
Fees : $220 per pax
Bring home : - About 200g of Caramels Au Beurre Sale
- 2 types of French Marshmallows
- One bottle of meringues
Instructor : Chef Jeffery Pan from. Taiwan

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hear what our Students have to say

Many thanks to teacher Alice and Penny who r v patient and helpful in guiding us in the Novelty Agar Cake! Thanks to Brenda and Rose who make this class a success too! Overall,a positive and good experience today! Our agar cake looks v cute/perfect to be eaten!lol Looking forward to more classes organised by BakeFresh!

Melody Sweetie