Nama Chocolate and Handmade Rose Chocolate Tart

In this class, you will learn the techniques of both Japanese nama chocolate and French raw chocolate, as well as Creme Anglaise chocolate glazing and rich chocolate tarts. The highlight is creating chocolate roses using tempered chocolate, a skill that will elevate your chocolate expertise.

23 Mar Sat 2.45pm – 7pm
24 Mar Sun 2.45pm – 7pm

What you'll learn
- How to make Chocolate Tart Crust
- How to prepare Cocoa Almond Butter Filling
- How to prepare Chocolate Ganache Glazing (Hands-on)
- Learn to handmade Chocolate Rose using tempered chocolate.
- Demonstration on how to make Matcha Cream Cheese Nama Chocolate
- Demonstration on how to make Tie Guan Yin(Chinese Tea) Nama Chocolate
- How to make French raw chocolate(Hands-on)

When : Register
Fees : $230 per pax (Early bird discount)
Original $240
Bring home : -One 6-inch Chocolate Butter Almond Tart
- One Chocolate Rose
- 8 pcs Matcha Cheesecake Nama Chocolates
-8 pcs French raw chocolate
Instructor : Chef Fred from Taiwan

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hear what our Students have to say

Very condusive environment to learn. Best of all, Brenda is real patient and generous with yummy recipes. Thumbs up for the team. Can't wait for them to launch durian swiss roll workshop. U already hv 1 confirmed student if u launch it.

AiLing Aw