Flaky Salted Egg Yolk Pastry/ Yam Pastry/ Pineapple Shortcake

Chef Nick will teach you three classic Chinese pastries in one class! Absolutely great value for money.
You will learn how to make authentic Taiwanese pineapple cake which is sour, sweet and super delicious. He will also teach you how to change the flavors of the fillings. Besides this, you will be taught Yam pastry with a flaky crust as well as Salted Egg yolk mooncakes.

18 Jul Thu 9am – 1pm
Class is conducted in Mandarin. English recipe given.

What you'll learn
- How make the Pastry and oil dough.
-The secret to achieve crisp puff pastry
- How to make pineapple fillings from scratch
- How to make Pineapple Shortcake dough
- How to make Yam fillings
- How to wrap the fillings
- How to do shiny egg wash on surface (NO cracking)
- Generous knowledge sharing
- How to pack to prolong storage life shelf .

When : Register
Fees : $255 Early Bird Discount
Original $265
Bring home : 5 pcs Flaky Salted Egg Yolk Mooncakes, 5 pcs Yam Mooncakes & 5 pcs Pineapple Shortcakes
Instructor : Chef Nick from Taiwan

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hear what our Students have to say

Had went for a few lessons at Bakefresh. Their cakes are soft and the cream is light.

The softness of the cake allows me to eat 2 slices at a go without difficulty.

The ladies who taught us are friendly and easy going too.

There are always laughter in the class and they always give a warm welcome.

Grace Han