Chef Jeffery Pan
Soft Travel Cakes ( 3 flavours)

Travel cakes are designed to be transported easily, and the best part is they stay moist without drying out over a few days!

Although everyone always regards travel cakes as an entry pound cake for western pastry baking, after studying it, Chef Jeffery Pan modernised the recipe and created extraordinary soft, tender and moist cake formula which can be easily done according to his teaching method and know-how.

The plain looking travel cakes are also skilfully decorated, beautifully transformed into a fashion trend coupled with beautiful packaging, it makes people want to keep admiring it and not want to eat it.

Date: 2 Sep Sat 9am – 1pm *FULL
*Class conducted in Mandarin. English recipe given.

What you'll learn
- You will learn 3 flavours: Earl Grey Prune Fruit , Caramel Pineapple , Fragrant Berry .
- Step by steps, techniques and tricks to get the perfect travel cakes
- Learn 3 different method of travel cakes preparation
- Explaination from the evolution of the basic pound cake 1:1:1:1 to the selection of ingredients that have become popular in recent years
- Understanding ingredients ratio, glazing and decoration of cakes.
- Basic classification of the fat content of heavy cream cakes for travel, and mixing methods
- The temperature control of the surface decoration and glaze.
- How to reduce the sweetness and moisturize the cake. -
- How to make dried fruit and baking wine .
- The application of glazing gel and achieve bright surface decoration.
- Knowledge sharing on how to freeze and refrigerate to preserve the taste , storage life-shelf etc.

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Fees : $220 per pax ( Early bird discount)
(Original $230)
Bring home : - 3 different flavour recipes
- 1 Fragrant Berry Cake ( about 20cm long)
- 1/2 Earl Grey Prune Fruit Cake
- 1/2 Caramel Pineapple Travel Cake
Instructor : Chef Jeffery Pan from Taiwan

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hear what our Students have to say

Many thanks to Brenda and her team for giving me a wonderfully fulfilling baking session today! I enjoyed every second of it and I had a lot of take - aways (not just the cookies =P) from a single session with them. Amazingly, the instructor was able to identify the potential struggle any budding baker may encounter in the learning process and thus she was very meticulous in checking on the progress of the participants. She was also very encouraging and I experienced many small steps of success as my confidence grew under her guidance and affirmation. I had a most satisfying learning experience and I look forward to be able to join more sessions with the team again soon! =)

Ivine Ng