Co-Founder &
Lead Instructor

Brenda believes baking is love made edible. She is passionate about baking as it brings her much joy and satisfaction to share what she has baked for her family and friends, and also imparting her skills and knowledge to her students in her own studio. She holds a Diploma in Sugar paste and she constantly upgrades her baking skills by attending overseas courses.

You will definitely receive undivided attention from her as she provides hands-on practices so that you can perfect your techniques on cake baking and cake decoration.


Co-Founder &

“Precision, Passion and Practice are key elements to a successful bake” – said Penny. With more than 10 years of baking experience, she enjoys most in creating cute edible treats like cookies, cake pops, Dome cakes and her most recent work on Novelty cheese dessert cups and Marshmallows has earned her many loyal fans.

She shows great attention to detail and is well-liked by many students. Students gave positive reviews on her after learning from her


Mantou(造型馒头) Instructor

Kimmy’s love for creating edible art started as a hobby. As a self taught baker, she spent a lot of time experimenting new mantou designs and has since gained many faithful followers.Her surprise-inside mantou classes are currently in demand and sold out fast.

Cass Chiang

3D Jelly Art Instructor

Cass Chiang began her career as an accountant. She first discovered 3D jelly art in year 2019. She has always taken an interest in food art and decided to pursue this form of art. At the end of 2019, she stepped into the world of teaching 3D Jelly Art for the first time. Her dedication in nurturing students to succeed is evident in their achievements. She also participated in Taiwan’s prestigious jelly art competition in the elite category which won her the gold medal. Cass is passionate to continue to grow jelly art in Singapore. She hopes to spread this art further by collaborating with Bakefresh.

Chef Lee Shee Yang

Pastry/Bread Instructor

Chef Lee is a passionate bread Chef with exceptional knowledge of flavors, ingredients and baking procedures. He has over 20 years of experience in this industry. Bringing forth advanced pastry techniques, food knowledge, and a strong understanding of the principles of bread and pastry design.


hear what our Students have to say

Brenda is very friendly and patient throughout the class. A beginner like me faced very little difficulties in the class. The pandan gula melaka is so delicious! Thank you for the recipe!

Linda Ng